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Everybody wants to show up number-one in search engines. eCommerce businesses are obsessed with search engine optimization (SEO) because it means scoring more traffic, brand awareness, and sales.  However, SEO doesn’t work by itself. It needs its trusty sidekick, quality content marketing, to get results.  The problem is, few business owners see the value of quality content marketing. “Content”

COVID-19 changed everything, including influencer marketing. Half the world is trapped inside their homes, which resulted in a sharp increase in engagement rates on social media platforms, to the tune of 18%. Increased screen time gave influencers a second wind during COVID-19. In fact, nearly 80% of influencers have reported higher engagement from their followers during the pandemic.  But it’s not just

No matter what you sell or where you sell, a pricing strategy will make or break your business. But pricing is even more important in the world of global eCommerce. We live in a borderless world where online shoppers can compare prices in just a few clicks. You’re competing with brands from all over the world now, and that means competition is fierce. You have to approach your international pricing strategy

There are talented workers across the world who want to make a difference. You have the attitude and drive to succeed, but personal circumstances, like parenting or disability, can make it hard to find a job.  This is hard during normal times, but after the economic downturn of COVID-19, many talented people lost their livelihoods.  Lingble knows these impossible circumstances are preventing amazing