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The eCommerce market is growing exponentially, and there are more online stores than ever before. Due to this, the digital shopping market has skyrocketed, and studies indicate there will be 300 million online shoppers in 2023 in the United States alone. This goes to show that any retailer hoping to sell their goods online has a large audience to cater and sell to.  Unfortunately though, this opportunity is

Businesses have found and conquered the world of digital marketing over the last decade or so. And now marketers are on the lookout for ways to enhance their reach to online customers and build a mutually beneficial relationship with their unique target audiences. The main avenue of contact with prospective and current clients is the website for most online sellers. That’s why it is vital to keep up with the

The Covid-19 pandemic shut down physical shopping and retail stores to curb interaction and control the spread of the virus. However, it was unclear at the start what that would mean for small businesses and organisations that depended on people's power to survive.  Well, it turns out that they had nothing to worry about because the pandemic proved to be highly beneficial for businesses that embraced the

Ecommerce experts have been obsessed with creating personalised experiences ever since online shopping became a thing. As a result, these experiences have become a vital part of the digital economy, creating online experiences to suit consumers' specific needs. These days, businesses have access to an incredible amount of data about their current and prospective clientele. This includes information on their