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Sparking a marketing campaign with a holiday theme can really light a fuse under your eCommerce sales numbers. While it may seem like the dog days of summer don’t offer much in terms of significant holidays, maybe you’re overlooking the Fourth of July and all the promo ideas for eCommerce it provides.  If you’re trying to break out into a global market, US-specific holidays like the Fourth give you an

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?  The first step to assessing your eCommerce business success is identifying the digital marketing metrics you want to use to measure that success in the first place.  Some of the most used digital marketing metrics include web traffic, click-through rates, and conversion rates. You can also use internal company data to measure the success of your digital marketing

Did you know that by 2040, 95 percent of all purchases will be through an eCommerce merchant?  In a world where more than 4 billion users worldwide use social media regularly, it’s essential that every eCommerce business owner is familiar with the core tenets of digital marketing.  The bottom line is that digital marketing has come a long way since the birth of the internet in 1983.  Marketing

eCommerce is booming, all thanks to the advent of digital marketing. Worldwide eCommerce sales will soon breach the five trillion dollar mark.  Interest in quick ways to generate an income online from the ease of our own homes has grown in recent years, too. The web's charm is that it serves as not only a marketing network, but also as a sales channel, a community hub, and so much more.  This article

Father’s Day celebrates the heroes who raised us with love, care, and lovable but awkward dad jokes. This is when we do everything to make dads, fathers-in-law, uncles, sons, and all kinds of dads feel like the champions they are.  We want to give them the best gifts and show them the appreciation they deserve. And that’s why Father’s Day marketing campaigns have become so popular among eCommerce

If you've ever shopped online or owned an eStore, you already know the eCommerce environment is evolving fast as technologies improve and businesses battle to win more sales.  Regardless of the stellar progress over the past few years, there's still room for more. This is made evident by the fact that retail eCommerce sales are expected to grow 50 percent year over year until 2025.  The future of eCommerce