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Living in an era where you can order practically anything you want from the comfort of your home is fantastic. And that home can be virtually anywhere in the world. So for eCommerce merchants, marketing for local vs. global audiences and understanding each strategy's pros and cons is a must.  Let’s dive into what local vs. global marketing means and how you can incorporate either tactic into your

eCommerce is a booming industry across the globe. Over half of all internet users have purchased a product from an eCommerce store. And in 2020, eCommerce purchases topped 4.9 trillion dollars, with no signs of slowing. So for aspiring entrepreneurs, it's a great time to launch eCommerce brands.  But there’s a flip side to this shiny coin. A lot of opportunities also means a lot of competition. A

The eCommerce industry continues to grow at a breakneck pace. For anyone with ambitions to start their own businesses, eCommerce offers ample opportunities to turn their dreams into cash.  Even better news: eCommerce isn’t just good for the individual.  It’s also good for the environment and the economy. So eCommerce entrepreneurs cannot only feel good about the money in their bank accounts. They

International Youth Day kicks off on August 12, 2022. To commemorate this day, we’ve put together an article celebrating thriving youths in eCommerce and eCommerce opportunities young people can take advantage of.  Did you know that eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world? Of course, this began long before 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic pushed eCommerce growth into overdrive. And