Finetrack Launches New Global E-Commerce Website with Lingble

[Aug 31 2023] Lingble is thrilled to announce the launch of the global E-commerce website of Finetrack, a leading Japanese manufacturer of cutting-edge outdoor clothing and gear for multiple outdoor activities. The pioneer of the ELEMENTAL LAYER®, the world’s first water-repellent undergarment, Finetrack has been engineering game-changing products that withstand the challenges posed by nature, including adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

With a vision to expand its market reach and cater to a global audience, Finetrack has partnered with Lingble to create a world-class E-commerce platform that provides an enhanced shopping experience and seamless access to its outdoor clothing and gear worldwide. The collaboration has resulted in the creation of a clean and sleek global E-commerce website that showcases Finetrack's unique and diverse product range that allows users to find the right products that suit their needs. This user-friendly platform supports localized pricing across over 19 countries, offers seamless 24/7 customer service, efficient order functionality, and advanced security features, to ensure a smooth and secure shopping experience for customers worldwide.

About Finetrack

“It all started with one simple idea.”  said the company’s founder, Yotaro Kanayama. Established in 2004, Finetrack began its business venture with a small team of dedicated individuals who had one common goal - to create innovative solutions that address real-world challenges faced by businesses and individuals alike. With a focus on research and development of outdoor clothing and gear, the company nurtures a culture of innovation, while emphasizing environmental sustainability. As they celebrate their journey, Finetrack remains dedicated to transforming industries through technology, fostering a diverse and talented workforce, and making a positive impact on society. Through excellence and continuous improvement, they continue to redefine outdoor clothing and adjacent activities.


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