New Global E-Commerce Venture: Duskin Joins Forces with Lingble

[Nov 14 2023] Lingble is delighted to announce the launch of the global e-commerce website of Duskin, the leading Japanese provider of essential cleaning products, with a wide range of products  of home cleaning supplies specialized for kitchen and bath. Duskin's journey has been centered around the goal of enriching people's lives. The company continues to honor its founder's mission, sowing the seeds of joy in communities as they embark on this global journey.

Duskin has embarked on its expansion into Asia after carefully assessing the market environment, and with a strategic vision to broaden its market reach and cater to a global audience, Duskin has forged a partnership with Lingble to establish a world-class, global e-commerce platform. This platform promises an enriched shopping experience and effortless access to Duskin's extensive range of home cleaning supplies, accessible to customers in five targeted areas. This collaborative effort has yielded a refined and sophisticated global e-commerce website, designed to highlight the diverse and unique product portfolio offered by Duskin, enabling users to easily discover products tailored to their specific needs. The user-friendly platform extends support for localized pricing in five targeted areas, provides round-the-clock customer service, streamlines order processes for efficiency, and incorporates advanced security features to ensure a smooth and secure shopping journey for customers in five targeted areas.

About Duskin

Duskin places the utmost importance on "kindness" towards its customers. This principle is rooted in the philosophy of its founder, Seiichi Suzuki, who dedicated his lifetime to the concept of "prayerful management." He believed that "profits stem from transactions of joy," and the founder's commitment to customer satisfaction as the top priority has been faithfully passed down in the form of the company's guiding principles. Since its inception, Duskin has been a pioneer in the franchise system in Japan, offering a diverse range of businesses, including rental and sales of cleaning and hygiene products, direct sales operations, and food services.


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