Join a team united by a mission to forever change how global e-commerce is done

Working in a physical office is a thing of the past. Our global team from over 25 different countries is entirely remote and is making an impact from every corner of the planet. Who are we looking for? Talented people who want to make a difference Someone who is team-oriented, dedicated, friendly, and willing to take initiative If you dig our vibe, love to learn, and want to grow with a high energy startup, come on board! We look forward to hearing from you even if you don't see an immediate role that fits you.

Join a team united by a mission to forever change how global e-commerce is done
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Currently Available Positions

The Lingble Way

Strive together, rise together

We harness the power of a diverse team, collaborating to solve problems and challenging each other so we all end up smarter and stronger.

Gift others the power to win

We help each other be successful by fully supporting and delegating decision making. When those around us win, we all win.

Bring your fire, inspire your way

We show up with passion and light up those around us the way we feel comfortable doing.

Put the fish on the table

We trust each other to speak uncomfortable truths, so we can give problems the attention it needs and resolve them when they are small.

Break through by seeing it through

We are resilient and determined. By taking ownership to finish what we’ve started, we build a positive momentum larger than ourselves.

Voice of the Staff

Edi SFCC Dev at Tech Team

I don't feel any seniority here, nobody says they're the boss, hierarchies are flat and we have the utmost respect for each other. Lingble feels more like a school than an office to me. We're sitting on the same bench, putting our works on the same table, and everyone is very welcome to exchange knowledge.

Markus Marketing and Site Managing

Even after years on the job, I'm still amazed by the myriad things I don't know. And every day my team and colleagues amaze me by helping me out, no matter what, no questions asked. To deliver the best work we can, we push each other to new heights and we also always have each others back. I have never experienced this kind of camaraderie before and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Yumi EC - Manager at Partner Success

A passionate mindset determines the path to something great. I learned that here at Lingble. Every project starts with your passion and takes shape by inspiring passion in others. All the energy you give to those around you, you'll get back tenfold! This culture of teamwork is so unique and I am glad to have found it at Lingble.

Becky Marketing

The level of trust that I have between my team and coworkers is immense. Discussing uncomfortable truths together is not actually a challenge, as I most often walk away feeling relieved, supported, and united as a team. With this culture of transparency that we have created, it allows us to focus on putting our heads and resources towards tackling and preventing challenges ahead.

Joyce Customer Care Team

Teamwork is the key to delivering quality service for our Partner brands. As part of the Customer Care Team at Lingble, we work together by collecting different cases and scenarios for data analysis and knowledge sharing with our team members. We have built a healthy system that is greater than sum of the individuals.