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Sales skyrocketed due to expansion of reach countries

With Lingble, the apparel brand MOUSSY's global e-commerce store has been localized into English, Traditional Chinese, French, and German. In addition, global traffic to the MOUSSY global e-commerce store via web advertising has led to a surge in sales in previously unreachable countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Taiwan. The "MOUSSY" global e-commerce store, which ranked first in SEO for brand searches, generated 50 times more revenue per month than sales on the international luxury e-commerce site FARFETCH.


Achievements Through Initiatives


GMV Growth Vs Rate


Comparison with the number of sales at "FARFETCH"


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Long-Term Growth Effects of Global Marketing

With Lingble, DENIMIO continues to expand globally and achieve positive growth year after year. DENIMIO works with a marketing team that specializes in digital marketing strategies for global markets, including social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and web advertising strategies. As a result, DENIMIO receives more than 100,000 orders per month from approximately 320,000 customers, both domestic and international, and maintains a healthy 24.4% direct return rate for its e-commerce store. Today, DENIMIO is one of the most trusted Japanese denim retailers on the market.


Achievements Through Initiatives


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