Quality Assurance Engineer

Lingble is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that allows companies to sell their products directly to consumers globally through their own, highly customized online shops. We work with some of the most important fashion brands in Japan, as well as brands that sell exciting consumer goods in other industries that want to expand their business outside of Japan through e-commerce. We are growing fast and are very excited about what we are doing in Japan and the rest of the world. At Lingble we look for talent worldwide. We work in an entirely remote environment and have employees in over 19 countries and growing. We have flex hours and a great working culture with people from all around the world and are looking for people who fit into that culture and want to be part of a fast-growing, exciting e-comm startup.

We are now looking for a QA Engineer to take the lead of the Quality Assurance Team. You will play an important role to lead, develop and manage Junior QA Engineers and review the work results based on the predefined KPIs. You will also oversee the production of test documents, the creation of test procedures, and to ensure the successful deployment of company products.

An ideal candidate should be a fast thinking dynamic person with a positive attitude able to function under pressure, and an exceptional aptitude for learning, combined with common sense and initiative. He/She should be able to function both as a team player, OR in a standalone capacity - able to organise yourself and others around you to a common goal. So, if you like to work in a fast-paced environment and qualify our requirements, we would like to hear from you.

Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Meeting with the software/product designers to determine quality assurance parameters.
  2. Leading the QA team in designing QA test procedures.
  3. Overseeing the drafting of testing documents.
  4. Implementing testing procedures and overseeing the QA process.
  5. Troubleshooting quality issues and modifying test procedures.
  6. Conducting analysis checks on product specifications.
  7. Reviewing Quality Assurance reports.
  8. Ensuring the successful deployment of products into the market.
  9. Responding to requests from the design team and management.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  1. Previous experience as a QA engineer.
  2. Managerial experience preferred.
  3. High-level analytical skills.
  4. Advanced written and verbal communication skills.
  5. Critical thinker.
  6. Ability to project manage.
  7. Minimum 3 years of experience in related field (For middle or senior level)
  8. Proficient with JIRA, Google G-suite, Zephyr Scale
  9. Good experience in Manual testing for web-based application
  10. Able to work independency - self directed
  11. Ability to multi-task and prioritize issues in a fast-paced work environment with competing deadlines
  12. Nice to have: Having knowledge of Payment testing
  13. Detail oriented.
  14. Deep understanding of software testing, its main concepts, and processes: the whole bug life cycle; different testing levels, methods, and types; test estimation techniques;
  15. Ability to work in an Agile environment;
  16. Critical thinking and analytical skills to examine bug reports and prioritize necessary tests, what information to include in the daily status reports, prioritize and estimate task execution;
  17. Good communication and teamwork skills to interact with project team members, clients, and Stakeholders as well as work closely with the dev team – from reproducing the reported issue and emphasizing the fix for critical bugs to understanding how the bug has been fixed

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