From Period to Period if the resource effort pool allocated for the Period is not fully consumed, the balance will be forfeited (i.e., cannot be carried-forward to next Period). 

Minimum consumption: 1 man-day for each minor enhancement. For avoidance of doubt, one man-day equals to eight man-hours.

  1. Minor enhancements.  Minor enhancements are non-defect work including any efforts spent on any or all full life-cycle activities such as preliminary study, requirements gathering and clarification, feasibility and impact analysis, planning, project management, design, documentation, build, training, testing, and deployment.

The man-days for the enhancement will be estimated by Lingble and mutually agreed by Client and Lingble before the actual work started.  The actual man-days consumed will be deducted from the man-days balance of the resource effort pool.  If the expected or actual man-day required is more than the balance of the resource effort pool, it will be purchased through an Order Form.

  1. Amendments. Lingble may modify this Service Level Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on the Lingble Website, at which time the updated Service Level Agreement will become immediately effective. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lingble may not alter for Client the General Availability/Uptime percentage in Section 1, the remedies available for availability issues in Section 2,  the severity levels and initial target response times in Sections 5 and 6, respectively, or the Man-days for minor enhancements available per period in Section 8, as they were at the time of the Effective Date of the Agreement. In the event the Service Level Agreement posted on this page is amended, Client should refer to the Service Level Agreement available at the Effective Date of the Agreement (the “Applicable Service Level Agreement”) for the Sections referred to in this paragraph. Lingble shall provide a copy of the Applicable Service Level Agreement to Client upon request.
  2. Conflict of Terms. In case of any conflict between this Service Level Agreement and the terms of the Agreement or any applicable Order Form, the terms of the Service Level Agreement shall prevail.