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Lingble x Moussy Case Study

Mastering International Growth

With Lingble, MOUSSY's website is localized into English, Traditional Chinese, French and German. Global traffic on MOUSSY's website from paid media advertising generated a spike in sales in countries previously unreached, such as: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and Taiwan.

Ranked #1 in SEO from branded searches, MOUSSY generated 50x the revenue per month with Lingble, in comparison to selling on FarFetch.

Growth of GMV Year over Year
Lingble x Denimio Case Study

Growth in numbers

As a result, Denimio drives over 1,091,491 sessions from 321,963 users per year and maintains a healthy bounce rate of 24.41% on the website. In fact, Denimio has now grown to become one of the most trusted Japanese denim retailers in the market.

With Lingble, Denimio continues to expand globally and achieve growth in numbers. Denimio works with a team of digital marketers dedicated to focusing on global digital marketing strategies such as: social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO and paid media strategy.

Growth of GMV Year over Year