Cross-border e-commerce has never been this easy.

Our Services and Features

Our suite of services covers everything: from the moment a customer clicks into your new global site, to the moment they receive your product (and thereafter). A true turnkey solution to global e-commerce.

Lingble Web Accessibility Tools

Introducing Our Web Accessibility Tools

Reduce the risk of expensive penalties and litigation in the United States with our new Web Accessibility Tools.

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Global Online Shop Set-Up and Maintenance

We create your own multilingual, flexible global webstore: localized and tailored for each market you wish to target and mobile ready. Even if you have an online store serving some countries already, your Lingble site will cover the rest of the world.

24/7 Around-The-World Technology Support

Our developers are strategically located in different regions to ensure your online shop is running smoothly even when your team is asleep.

Cross-Border Marketing Management

We help you find and manage marketing agencies in countries where you want to expand your e-commerce presence. We also oversee the implementation of paid digital marketing strategies to make sure you are on the right track.


Multilingual Customer Support

Round-the-clock, top-notch customer support in local languages, with live chat option, so that your customers are given an optimal online shopping experience wherever they may be.

After-Sales Support

We communicate with your customers in their native language to provide after-sales support and liaise between them and you as needed.

Returns and Exchanges Management

We handle returns and exchange logistics with end customers, as well as refunds through various payment gateways.


Payment Methods

Integrated global as well as domestic payment gateways. Your Lingble site allows you to accept over 60 payment methods from around the world, making it easy for everyone to shop on your site.

Fraud Protection

In cross-border e-commerce, credit card fraud is widespread. With us, you don’t have to take that risk as we make sure that you have zero fraudulent chargeback risk.

Currency Management

No forex risk. You choose the currency you want to receive; we handle the risk of accepting all currencies on the customer end.


International Shipping and Tracking

From your door, to your customers’ doors. We handle the shipping and tracking of packages to ensure the quick and safe delivery of your products to your customers.

Customs Handling

Customs issues are common when shipping across borders. We handle issues that may arise with customs authorities as well as the paperwork for duties, VAT, remittances and importing.

Distribution Quality Assurance

With us, you can eliminate black-market channels and take control of your distribution, ensuring that your customers across the world get the highest standard of service and a great experience with your brand/s.


Data Collection and Analytics

Unlike external platforms, with Lingble you own your customer data: your most important online asset. We also provide you with data analytics in a succinct, actionable format.

Your own URL

Why put time and effort into building someone else’s platform? With Lingble we grow the trust and value in your own web address: your flagship online real estate.

Search Engine Optimization

We build Search Engine Optimized sites that attract and retain your customers. No need to spend money, time or energy improving someone else’s SEO.

Zero-Risk Partnership Model

No set up or monthly fixed costs

We only profit when you profit

Decreasing variable costs with growth

Worry-free, effortless operation

All-in-one model

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Why Lingble

E-commerce is complex, costly, and has extremely high failure rates event amongst large businesses. Your online reputation is too valuable to risk it trying to enter certain countries online on your own.

Why not just pay for your own website and run global e-commerce yourself?

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High complexity leading to high failure rates even among large companies.

High technology set-up and maintenance costs.

Resource deviation from your core competency.

Significant increase in your HR costs and complexity in management.

High operational and logistics risk.

Decrease in customer satisfaction and deterioration of customer brand experience.

Requires broad and costly multinational reach.

High risk of lagging behind competition in the coming e-commerce age.

Why not just rely on external platforms such as Amazon, Taobao or FarFetch?

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Loss of your customer and website data.

Inability to develop important online assets: website URL and SEO.

Exclusive reliance on external distribution channels.

Limited geographic reach.

Limited control of pricing strategy.

Limited control of branding.

Long-term increase in management complexity as you add platforms to reach more markets.

Not mutually exclusive with your own webshop.

Let us provide you with our expertise so that you can focus on yours.

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