Lingble Global Guide

A full suite of global eCommerce services built from experience

Delightful shopping experience optimized locally

From UI, language, currency, and payment methods to pricing and product lineup, we provide customers with a shopping experience that is fully localized and optimized for each country's market.

Multilingual and always-on customer support

A 24/7/365 customer support team provides fast and friendly customer support before and after the purchase in the customer's native language as well as English.

Simplified and efficient logistics

We offer international shipping, DDP shipping, customs clearance, and tariff support to deliver your products safely and inexpensively to your international customers.

Omnichannel marketing

With 10 years of experience in effective marketing strategies for global ecommerce, Lingble fully supports its partners' success through premium marketing services.

Dedicated team of global EC experts

Lingble has a dedicated team in each area of technical support, partner success, marketing, and customer support to ensure the success of our partners' global e-commerce efforts.

Additional expert services

We have developed and provided a variety of services to deliver optimal e-commerce solutions to our partners and customers. Here is a brief introduction to our optional services for building optimal e-commerce.

Take your brand on a global journey with a customized solution that scales with it.

For instance, we do not charge initial or fixed monthly fees for website development, but operate on a risk sharing model based on revenue. Contact us to learn more.