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In 2021, digital revenue for the holiday season is predicted to surpass $200 billion. Email marketing can help eCommerce brands achieve a hearty slice of this money-making holiday sales pie.  But how?  Sometimes, it’s okay to cheat. Use this best sales email subject lines cheat sheet to make your holiday extra special and lucrative for your brand.  Best practices for boosting email open

The key to online business growth is reaching more people. In today’s digital age, attention is currency. But what if you don’t have a lot of actual currency to spend on paid advertising to increase your reach? While paid advertising has its place in your business growth strategy toolkit, an organic growth strategy is equally important. Most of all, it’s far less expensive than paid advertising strategies.

Paid ads, or what we usually refer to as PPC, is a quick and effective way to increase your brand visibility on the search results page. In addition, the increase in voice search and continuous algorithm changes mean more and more digital marketers put PPC ads as a line item in their marketing budget.  If you’re currently running or plan on running PPC ads, then you’ve probably heard it all before for

A few decades ago, only a handful of brands were recognized internationally — think Coca Cola, Nike, and IBM. But for today’s brands, reaching emerging overseas markets has never been easier, thanks to the internet and online marketing.  Building a global brand is now affordable and attainable for businesses of all sizes and industries. With the right suite of digital marketing strategies and tools, you

In 2019, eCommerce merchants sold over 2.9 billion in inventory during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Specifically, online sellers raked in approximately $1 million in sales every minute during the Black Friday extravaganza.  With such dizzying numbers, many online retailers are on the hunt for more major shopping day events. If you’re looking to net impressive sales numbers for your business — fast — and

Getting customers to buy from your eCommerce site is one thing, but getting them to stay or to return is a whole different story. When your online store has just launched, showcasing your brand and attracting as many customers as possible is your main priority.  However, once your online store has taken off and steadily been growing, it is worth looking into customer retention since a 5% increase in customer

Online shopping has been around for a while, but recently, its popularity has skyrocketed. Online stores are popping up everywhere, and while this means good news for shoppers who want to skip the long trip to the mall and the queues, it spells more competition for eCommerce site owners. Your role is to stand out from the hundreds of sites that sell the same or similar products as you if you want to boost sales and

When it comes to promoting your brand and increasing sales, email marketing is one of the most effective and widely used tools. In fact, the average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent.  The influence of email marketing extends well beyond simply getting messages into recipients' inboxes. Brands should focus on communicating messages with the target audience while offering relevant, tailored

For any eCommerce business that plans to grow and sell to a global audience, social media presents a great opportunity to enhance digital marketing efforts. While there are numerous paths consumers can take from brand awareness to purchase, social media has a significant impact on the journey. In 2021, Facebook is reported to be the largest social network online, with 2.85 billion monthly active users. Instagram

You’ve heard of WeChat, right?  Maybe you’ve heard people refer to it as “China’s Facebook.” Or maybe you use it yourself for messaging or making calls.  At any rate, most people outside of China usually think, “Eh, WeChat is just another social media app.”  If that’s the case, you’ve seriously underestimated WeChat’s power to grow your eCommerce business. This isn’t some

How is your eCommerce operation taking care of its customers? In between worrying over product shipments, managing your staff, and everything else that happens behind the scenes, your business also needs to invest in customer support.  In fact, customer support is a critical part of the eCommerce puzzle. 84% of shoppers say that customer service determines whether they’ll buy from your company. That means

More and more customers are shopping online at a global level. In fact, international eCommerce alone grew by an astounding 21% last year.  While customers may be shopping more online, it doesn’t automatically mean that fashion and accessory brands will become more profitable. Trends aside, you still have to create a strategy that differentiates your business from countless other competitors across the

Social media: it’s a go-to branding strategy for any eCommerce business. But your social media accounts can be so much more than a dumping ground for your press releases and product announcements.  Used right, an eCommerce social media strategy is a powerful tool for lead generation and even conversions. Problem is, few eCommerce marketers know how to use their social accounts to boost sales.  57%

When shoppers crave a little online window shopping, they usually start in one place: Google. It’s no surprise that 68% of all digital experiences start with a search engine.  If you want your eCommerce store matched up with search engine results, you have to optimize your site for SEO, or search engine optimization.  SEO puts your eCommerce store in front of more customers—way more customers.

No matter what you sell or where you sell, a pricing strategy will make or break your business. But pricing is even more important in the world of global eCommerce. We live in a borderless world where online shoppers can compare prices in just a few clicks. You’re competing with brands from all over the world now, and that means competition is fierce. You have to approach your international pricing strategy

COVID-19 changed everything, including influencer marketing. Half the world is trapped inside their homes, which resulted in a sharp increase in engagement rates on social media platforms, to the tune of 18%. Increased screen time gave influencers a second wind during COVID-19. In fact, nearly 80% of influencers have reported higher engagement from their followers during the pandemic.  But it’s not

Everybody wants to show up number-one in search engines. eCommerce businesses are obsessed with search engine optimization (SEO) because it means scoring more traffic, brand awareness, and sales.  However, SEO doesn’t work by itself. It needs its trusty sidekick, quality content marketing, to get results.  The problem is, few business owners see the value of quality content marketing. “Content”

There are talented workers across the world who want to make a difference. You have the attitude and drive to succeed, but personal circumstances, like parenting or disability, can make it hard to find a job.  This is hard during normal times, but after the economic downturn of COVID-19, many talented people lost their livelihoods.  Lingble knows these impossible circumstances are preventing amazing