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Whether you’re selling warm wooly mittens, sleigh bells, or candy canes, the end-of-year and holiday shopping season are big deals for merchants and consumers alike. So, if you want to end the year on a bang with an ROI sweeter than hot chocolate with marshmallows, take a look at these top holiday marketing trends.  Holiday shopping trends: The stats Historically, the holiday shopping season starts the

eCommerce has opened the door to an infinite number of opportunities to own a thriving online business. Of course, every eCommerce merchant wants to make more money and find new, lifetime customers. And there are so many options to choose from to generate demand and find new leads. But choosing the right digital marketing strategies for eCommerce websites isn't always easy. So, how to develop a digital marketing

eCommerce has reshaped the retail landscape in a multitude of ways. Its effects have rippled through the economy and impacted businesses big and small, local and global. But most of all, eCommerce has improved the shopping experience for the average person.  In this article, we’ll break down the impacts of eCommerce on how people shop and how you can improve your eCommerce venture for a better customer

The goal of any marketing campaign is to get a conversion. For B2C campaigns and eCommerce merchants, that conversion typically means a sale. But there are many steps in between points A to sale! that you need to consider for increased ROI.  In this post, we’ll cover the various B2C marketing campaign goals and the strategies and KPIs behind them you’ll want to deploy for maximum success.  What

In 2040, researchers estimate that up to 95 percent of all consumer purchases will happen online. So if you’ve dreamed of owning and operating an eCommerce business that dominates its niche, then you need to keep an eye on the top digital marketing trends.  As a fast-paced industry, success in eCommerce requires you to shift gears like you’re driving a BMW Z4 up the winding, hairpin hills of Lombard

And what does it mean for your business? For businesses in the digital age, content marketing is non-negotiable. To reach more customers and maintain a lasting connection with them, you must invest in it.  But content marketing is really an umbrella term for many different marketing strategies, techniques, and assets. And, it isn’t static. Over the last ten years, content marketing has drastically

A picture? Worth a thousand words. But a video? Now that's priceless.  If you're looking to increase your social media engagement, creating video content for social media is a prize feather you should put in your digital marketing cap.  87% of digital marketers are investing in video content for social media. And it's no wonder why. For starters, people watch YouTube content for upwards of one

When you have a question, the internet is the first place you turn to for an answer. Your customers do the same. In fact, statistics show that Google resolves around 3.8 million searches per minute. The response to these search results is content.  Content marketing caters to a wide range of audiences. From blog posts to news stories, every individual is exposed to content daily. Publishing creative content is