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eCommerce has evolved more rapidly than any other sector. In 2021, eCommerce retail in the United States alone amounted to 4.9 trillion dollars. It’s estimated that the eCommerce market will grow 50 percent in the next few years, exceeding 7.4 trillion dollars in 2025.  The competition in this retail landscape is also increasing as more sellers, vendors, and brands continuously strive to maintain an edge

Did you put up the best blog post on your website in hopes of drawing potential consumers, but it got zero leads? Launched a new product but can’t figure out how to make more customers aware? Need a solid digital marketing boost to take your business up a notch?  The good news is the latest developments in technology and communications have redefined marketing standards for the digital realm. As Guy

Easter Sunday is almost here, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to upscale your online marketing game. Holiday-themed promotions give brands a creative chance to promote their sales and increase brand awareness amongst their target audience. Moreover, with a powerful marketing campaign, you can even collect data on your prospective buyers to strengthen your future campaigns and build a better connection with your

Having a social media presence is no longer an option for global businesses. It’s an essential way to reach your audience, gain valuable insights, and scale your brand to new heights. What benefits can social media platforms offer? Consider that over 4 billion active social media users worldwide, equating to 58.4% of the total world population, are present on social media. Unquestionably, social media users

Ecommerce experts have been obsessed with creating personalised experiences ever since online shopping became a thing. As a result, these experiences have become a vital part of the digital economy, creating online experiences to suit consumers' specific needs. These days, businesses have access to an incredible amount of data about their current and prospective clientele. This includes information on their

eCommerce has existed for over 20 years. In late 2021, eCommerce accounted for 18% of all global sales. So, if you own and operate a business, you'll want to have a firm understanding of eCommerce marketing and how to use it to find new customers and generate recurring revenue. eCommerce marketing, though, isn’t a static thing. Instead, it encompasses various methods, channels, and strategies to get your

People don’t like it when things are scarce — unless they obtain the scarce thing for themselves. For businesses, offering a limited edition product and deploying a limited edition marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to use scarcity to incentivize people to buy.  This article will uncover why scarcity is such a major selling point and how to use it to your advantage. We’ll also explore